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( LightStorm ) Building the Internet Promise

LightStorm, the first universal Internet platform, LightStorm is a global solution for creating and managing Web sites (Internet, intranet, extranet, e-Commerce, E-Mailing tools, E-CRM, ...)

Lightstorm includes the latest innovations in terms of :

  • Web 2.0 (RSS, podcast, blog, ...)
  • Interactive marketing
  • Relationnal emailing
  • Optimised ranking on search engines
  • Advanced Profiling (identification of the visitor, building of scenarios, customisation of navigation and contents···)
  • e-CRM (Predictive analysis, collaborative-filtering, web-minning, etc)
  • Normalization
  • Accessibility

Its Philosophy is similar to the Macintosh in the 80's: elements with the most complexity must be accessible for “non programmer” individual without needing any additional development.

  • As a result, LighStorm is far from being a simple, reliable, proven application relying on open source technologies since it enables you to :

  • Build up the most complex website within a few clicks
  • Create and improve your websites yourself on the same platform
  • Manage several independent websites, in various languages, with their own addresses
  • Follow and analyze the behaviour , profile and expectations of visitors
  • Customize, in real-time the relationship, content according to the expectations of visitors
  • Interact with visitors through forms, chats, forums and polls
  • Manage your direct e-marketing campaigns
  • Organize exchanges between contributors
  • Manage the access to your contents and web services
  • Enhance the security of data flows
  • Increment new functionalities to existing components


  • Complete solution covering the 4 layers of an application (Operating System, Data base, Application servers, Job servers)
  • Multilingual and multiple sites managing tools from one platform
  • No costly external solutions (example: J2EE servers···)
  • Integration of specific job applications (Content Management, Intranet, Extranet, e-commerce, e-CRM···)
  • Relies only on Open-Source and non commercial solutions
  • Functionalities can only be found on Top Tier job applications (profiling, real time, geographic profiling, web-mining, CRM analysis···)
  • User friendly interface with drag and drop capabilities (building of several web sites, multiple scenarios···)
  • Integration of secure technologies and unique caching on this type of solution
  • Optimised and automated operating system (reduced maintenance and administration)
  • Licence and deployment fees are actually divided by 4(*)and time-to-market by 2(*) (compared to Top Tier applications with specific developments required)


(*)Based on actual projects shown to our customers by agencies using Top Tier applications with specific developments

Our technologies @ your service

  • LightStorm
    ( LightStorm ) Building the Internet Promise First universal Internet platform, LightStorm is a global solution for creating and managing websites (Internet, Intranet, Extranet, e-Commerce, e-Mailing, e-CRM, ...).
    learn more about LightStorm
  • ezaccess
    ( ezaccess ) Delivering Global Accessibility First global accessibility solution, ezaccess is an innovating solution offering true answers to web content and services accessibility issues.
    learn more about ezaccess
  • OpenCert
    ( OpenCert ) Securing the Internet Relationship Solution for securing data flows and exchanges, OpenCert allows you to securize the accesses to your protected websites as well as their data.
    learn more about OpenCert
  • SmartMail
    ( SmartMail ) Relational Emailing Relational emailing solution, SmartMail allows you to create, manage and follow-up your targeted and personalized e-marketing campaigns.
    learn more about SmartMail

Last news

  • 27/04/2006
    NEXINT rewarded « Best INNOV 2006 »

    NEXINT has been selected among the most innovating companies (« Best INNOV ») by the prestigious jury of Capital-IT at the 2006 edition and was awarded the special distinction of the jury.

  • 02/01/2007
    Expansion of the company

    NEXINT pursues its expansion and consolidates its marketing and sales operations.

  • 02/10/2006
    NEXINT arrives in London

    NEXINT announces the opening of its United-Kingdom subsidiary.

  • 01/05/2006
    Digital accessibility


  • 01/06/2006
    LightStorm version 5.0

    The 5.0 version of LightStorm, including numerous innovations around the Web 2.0, will be available at the beginning of fall 2006.

Next events

  • 13/07/2007
    i-Expo 2007 Exhibition

    NEXINT made several interventions at the conferences and workshops of the latest edition of i-Expo exhibition on the theme « The new values of information at the era of the Web 2.0 ».

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